Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Oscars

Okay, so Jon Stewart's been getting some mixed reviews about the Oscars (or, maybe more appropriately for the stars, the Awkskars), most notably here, here.

The gist of the article explains that Big Hollywood Stars just don't get Jon Stewart's sense of humor, and therefore, the show lagged big time.

While that may be true, I think the fact of the matter is that Hollywood is ignoring the bigger reasons why the Oscars just weren't that great this year:

The movies themselves.

When the president of the Academy came up and gave his spiel about seeing movies in movie theaters, it struck me how much they were missing the point. The president of the Academy opened up by saying, "When actors finish a scene, they don't stand back and say, 'that'll look great on the dvd.'" He then goes on some diatribe about how movies are meant to be a shared experience, and that we must surely be missing something by not going to the multiplexes.

The former movie-going public aren't staying home because they're too busy clutching their Netflixed new releases, it's because the overall quality of movies this year just. plain. sucked. If the Academy really wants to lure people back into theaters, maybe they should try improving the quality of their products. Maybe they should also make sure that sitting in a theater is still a shared experience that most consumers want. 'Cause I tell ya, when I shell out $10 to see a movie, I really wanna be sitting in front/behind some tweenybopper who feels that everyone in the theater just has to hear her conversations because she feels she's so important that she doesn't need to give everyone the common courtesy of just being quiet and watching the film like everyone else.

So while the press and the stars can blame Jon Stewart for lagging the Oscars down this year, perhaps they should point the finger at themselves. And once they can admit that there's a problem, maybe then the box office numbers will rise and next year's Oscars will be the extravaganza it should be.


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